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How national radio France Inter embraces streaming to strengthen business.

With France Inter, major national radio channel


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Streaming doesn’t kill the radio star! That’s the vision and strategy behind France Inter endeavors towards streaming.


If streaming is the rising star among music listeners, radio stands ground and can even be enriched by streaming. Instead of seeing streaming as a competing model, France Inter decided to embrace it in a way that could benefit their listeners while growing the value of their advertisement model.


France Inter teams have been curating music for years on traditional FM channels. Later, they extended curation to web radios, smartphone apps, podcasts platforms; curating on streaming platforms was just the next step.

“Radio has always been about content and music curation, not about the channel we broadcast with. “.

They selected Soundsgood to distribute France Inter official playlist across all streaming platforms, and share it on their website and social networks:

♫♪ PLAYLIST | 80 titres, 5h de musique... la sélection de nos programmateurs musicaux.

Posted by France Inter on Monday, April 17, 2017


A few months after launch, the playlist has already been accompanied by hundreds of thousands of listeners and 18,000 followers who subscribed to the playlist updates from the Soundsgood player into their favorite streaming platforms.

Encouraged by this success, France Inter created 30 other playlist brands around specific radio shows or just to enrich news articles with music — today it’s already 150,000 followers across streaming platforms:


Business impact

The radios advertisement model is based on brand awareness. The more people talk about France Inter in survey campaigns, the more advertisers are attracted and finance their activities.

Playlists are great for that. With Soundsgood, they can go viral on online. And they turn listeners into followers that will see France Inter playlists everyday in their music apps.


France Inter is a major French public radio channel and part of Radio France. It is a “generalist” station, aiming to provide a wide national audience with a full service of news and spoken-word programming, both serious and entertaining, liberally punctuated with an eclectic mix of music.



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