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New release

Your fans will love streaming your playlists with this new Spotify upgrade! 💪🎵

by Louis V.

Dear music influencers,

In today’s new release, the listening experience for your Spotify fans got significantly upgraded! 💪🎵

As you well know, when sharing the 🎧 Soundsgood Universal Player, your fans can pick their favorite service to stream and follow your playlists (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, etc.).

Until recently, listeners choosing Spotify would then see a Spotify widget which only featured Spotify-matched songs. This was quite unfortunate since your playlists often include rare SoundCloud / YouTube links and new emerging artists that have not made their way yet onto Spotify.👩‍🎤🚀✨

Spotify listeners can now enjoy your full playlists, not just the Spotify songs.

This upgrade allows your Spotify listeners to enjoy ALL the songs in your playlists, no matter if they are available on Spotify or not:

  • Most of the tracks will be streamed through their Spotify subscription.
  • And whenever a track is not available with Spotify, Soundsgood will temporarily switch to another service like YouTube, then switch back to Spotify for the next song.

Note that this “Smart fallback” experience is already available for your listeners on YouTube, SoundCloud and Deezer.


It also keeps listeners on your website and increases engagement

With this new upgrade, listeners on desktops do not have to leave your website anymore to stream your playlist within the Spotify app. They can stay on your website, enjoy the music, and keep reading all the awesome content you have put together for them.

It also cancels unwanted waiting time (the Spotify desktop app could take more than 15sec to be launched) increasing engagement and satisfaction.


When do listeners get 30“ previews?

According to Spotify terms of use, some listeners in specific situations can get 30 seconds previews instead of full songs.

NOTE | To provide the best experience on your website, make sure it runs with a HTTPS certificate and the latest Soundsgood iframe code with the following parameters: allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media”


A step forward towards new features 🔮

Based on the “Spotify Connect” technology, this new upgrade sets us on a path towards exciting new features on the Soundsgood Universal Player.

For instance, listeners will be able to save your playlists in a single click right into their streaming libraries on Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, etc. It also allows you to collect listeners’ emails whenever you share music (this should be part of a Premium account on Soundsgood).

Please share with us what next features you want for the Soundsgood Universal Player!

PS. If you haven’t checked it out, you can now share your playlists with Apple Music and Instagram! 💪❤️



Louis for Soundsgood



  • Improvement: Replaced Spotify Widget by Full Spotify Player within the Soundsgood Player
  • Improvement: Faster playlist updates with Apple Music
  • Bug Fix: Sync playlists with over 60 tracks on Apple Music