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New release

Your playlists are now ALWAYS available across streaming platforms

by Louis V.

In short

  • Your playlists are now always available everywhere
  • Improved mobile experience
  • A simple step can get you more followers

Good news for the lazy folks out there!To make your playlists truly universal with Soundsgood, you dont have to go through the process of creating an official profile on each streaming platform anymore.

We are pleased to announce a new Augmented Compatibility mode: your playlists are now ALWAYS available everywhere!


How to activate Augmented Compatibility on your playlists?

Just create a new playlist and click PUBLISH or update an existing playlist and click SYNC. Thats it!

Then, check your Soundsgood shareable player. Choose PLAY or ADD TO just like a listener would do. Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, etc. should be all there!


Another step towards listeners on smartphones

On smartphones, most streaming platforms prevent listeners from listening to music outside of their official iOS & Android apps.

It was an issue for those of you who didnt publish your playlists via Soundsgood across streaming platforms: your listeners couldnt enjoy your playlists on the go 梗

Well, not anymore! Thanks to the new Augmented Compatibility mode, listeners can open the playlists in their favorite music apps for a smooth streaming experience.

We have also brought some minor improvements and bug fixes on smartphones and keep working on making it better (optimized loading time, smoother interactions, etc.).

Dont be lazythough!

You are missing potential followers!

When you dont publish your playlist via Soundsgood across official profiles in Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, etc. you actually prevent listeners to follow your playlists on these platforms, listen to them again and again, enjoy your playlist updates, etc.

Cmon! It takes only 5min to create profiles everywhere. Just head to one of your playlist and activate the sea-green Publish on buttons, it will ask you to either connect or create a profile on the relevant platforms:


Whats next?

Your listeners will soon be able to stream your playlists in High-Res with the booming streaming platform Qobuz. Quality playlists + Quality sound = 上e cant wait to try it on the offices speakers!

PS. If you havent checked it out, we released a new core tech behind your Soundsgood playlists! a few weeks ago 芬歹



Louis for Soundsgood



  • New feature: Playlists are now created across streaming platform even if you dont have profiles there.
  • New feature: When deleting a link playlist ID in the Soundsgood playlist Editor, it creates a new playlist on the linked streaming profile.
  • New feature: On smartphones, listeners who chose YouTube are redirected in deep link in the YouTube app (it was already the case for Spotify, Deezer, etc.)
  • Bug fix: Since last update, some returning Deezer listeners could not launch the playlists in social apps native browsers (Facebook, Slack, etc.)
  • Bug fix: Since last update, new influencers could not monitor their playlists stats. What a pity!
  • Bug fix: Since last update, influencers could not fill the I already have a playlist on that platform playlist ID field.
  • Bug fix: Minor fixes here and there