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Soundsgood 1.15.6 — Intr. Speedster for faster synchronization!

“Faster than ever before”

Under the hood of the new version of Soundsgood you find “Speedster”, a brand new technology that syncs your tracks across all streaming platforms faster than ever. As the traffic on Soundsgood is increasing, the servers have to work harder. Speedster checks your sources more accurately and faster than before – so any slowness you might have experienced will soon be a long forgotten memory.

Create universal playlists faster

Finding tracks is now over 12x faster than before! Importing a 50 track playlist could last up to 3/4 minutes, and even more during daily traffic spike. Now thanks to speedster it only takes 20 seconds.

Boost your playlist compatibility

With the time saved importing tracks, you know have more time to boost your playlists compatibility on platforms. We’ve improved the interface for checking sources to make it more user-friendly and of-course, faster!

Just as before, you’ll notice green ( + ) buttons on the tracks that have not been automatically synced across platforms. Just click on ( + ) to quickly review potential sources. They’ll automatically be added to your playlist on your streaming accounts!

Add tracks from your fav. source

When you want to add new tracks to your playlist, you’ll notice a redesigned search field. It’s set by default on Spotify as it provides the cleanest source to continue the track search across platforms. However, you can switch platform in the search field if you prefer starting from YouTube, SoundCloud or Deezer.

If there’s no match, or you want to find an alternative source for a track, you can quickly update sources by clicking on the platform name. It opens the platform with the search query already filled with the track title and artist.

Hope you enjoy it, and Happy Playlisting!


  • Upgraded track matching system
  • Upgraded “Import tracklist” experience
  • Upgraded “Add track” search experience
  • Upgraded “Check track sources” experience
  • Upgraded “Add source” experience
  • Changed default track search to Spotify

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