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Soundsgood 1.15.5 — Updating Playlists just got easier, intr. Reorder features & More!

by Miranda L.

“Updating Playlists should be simple”

At Soundsgood, we have found that creating new playlists time after time = a waste of time. Having one master playlist that you update continuously is in fact the most efficient way to get followers, grow engagement and influence in the streaming world. And now thanks to your feedback we’ve made it easier for you to update playlists across all streaming platforms and get one step closer to reaching your full potential as a playlister!

Add new tracks anywhere in your playlist

This new feature simplifies the “master playlist” strategy, as it lets you flexibly update your playlist with tracks anywhere in your tracklist. Just place your mouse on top of one track to display the INSERT TRACK button and continue curating!

Reorder tracks

As many of you have been waiting for, you can now reorder tracks with a brand new drag and drop tool, as well as shortcuts to move your tracks up & down the list.

Save your updates instantly across streaming platforms

Do you remember when it took 30 min for your updates to go live? – Well this is not the case anymore, you can now see your modifications instantly on your playlist page and across your streaming accounts, and make sure it’s a hit playlist before sharing it with your audience.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to post a “Check it out! We’ve updated the playlist” on Facebook and Twitter, mentioning the newly featured artists to get re-posts and further grow your influence.

Still prefer to create new playlists every month?

Are you still sure not sure about having ONE main playlist? Read our fast track to an efficient playlist strategy, and we might be able to convince you!



  • Added Intercom live chat for influencers on playlist pages
  • Added “Refresh track sources” button in Playlist Editor tracklist
  • Added “Insert Track” button in Playlist Editor tracklist
  • Added re-ordering arrows in Playlist Editor tracklist
  • Upgraded drag-and-dropping in Playlist Editor tracklist
  • Removed playlist cache for connected Curators
  • Removed obsolete elements in Channels
  • Removed obsolete player and notifications in Playlist Editor
  • Fixed Deezer streaming experience on smartphones
  • Fixed white screens for Deezer channels named with apostrophes
  • Fixed playlist publication for influencers on Firefox 38
  • Fixed Spotify playlist description synchronization with Spotify

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