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Soundsgood 1.15.4 — Intr. A Lighter Playlist Editor & Live Chat Support

by Miranda L.

“A simplified and more enjoyable playlisting experience”

We are always thrilled by the community feedback to improve your Playlisting experience! Today we release Soundsgood 1.15.4 with a Lighter Playlist Editor that enables you to create and update playlists much quicker than ever before. We’re also introducing Support via Chat – which allows you to engage with questions whenever you want. – We’re happy to help you, LIVE!

Lighter Playlist Editor

We have improved the playlist editor with the vision that creating cross-platform playlists should be a seamless experience, therefore we have simplified the editor and only kept the essential features that lets you produce and share playlists without any hassle!

Adding an inspiring picture & description is now optional but recommended if you plan to share the playlist on your website and social networks to engage your audience to press play, and promote your other content.

“— Where is all my data ?” Were you the kind of guy/gal that filled every tag and field? Don’t worry, we’ve preciously kept all the information that you’ve filled in for your music. It’s still there in the core of your playlists meta data and serves its purpose in search engines, community playlists exploration, etc.

Chatting with you LIVE

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve implemented Intercom at the bottom right of Soundsgood. It’s a lil’ chat forum that lets you ask all the questions you want, at any time. Whether it’s questions about the player, strategic tips or you simply wanna say hi – you should stop by, we’d love to get to know you. 🙂

We hope this version will simplify your playlist making and encourage you to curate more! We’re always happy to hear your thoughts so please send us a message on our chat 😉

Miranda L.

Miranda L.

Community + Content at Soundsgood

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