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Soundsgood 1.15.3 – Now supporting Apple Music, Twitter Cards & More

New Releases

We hope you’ll be excited about the new version of Soundsgood – There’s so many goodies!

We’re happy to introduce a bunch of new platforms like Apple Music, Tidal & Napster to the Soundsgood family, there’s no need to compromise! Like that wouldn’t be enough, Soundsgood is now compatible with Twitter, letting your audience listen with the Soundsgood player directly from a tweet. Apart from these great new partnerships, we have improved the website and it’s user-friendliness. The menu navigation is simplified, and the playlist page now has an “about” section for descriptions.

Apple Music, Tidal & More

The wait is over, Soundsgood is now compatible with Apple Music and Tidal to further maximize your reach. Until the platforms open up their service to official partnerships, we have made the best possible integration yet. Add the link of your existing Apple/Tidal playlist in the publishing settings along with your automatically converted playlists (YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud) and press publish. The player will work just as seamlessly as the existing services as shown below.


Link your playlist to ALL platforms

Listeners can now save playlists on all global platforms, link your existing playlist in the publishing settings, and after listeners decide their platform of preference, the playlist will open up in the official player of the new service including: Napster / Google Play Music / Amazon Prime Music / Microsoft Groove.


Listen To Playlists Right In Tweets

We’re proud to officially partnered with Twitter. The embedded player is now fully supported in Tweets, allowing users to listen and share audio through their timelines without having to leave the site. Giving you a huge new audience to reach and engage.



Better Navigation Experience

  • Your homepage now lands directly on “My Playlists” to swiftly be able to create and update playlists.
  • Easy navigation between your channels; On the top right button you can now switch quickly between your channels, making playlist creation a thrill!
  • New shortcuts to Resources and Help Center – We’re here for you.
    — We’ll progressively add more resources to help you grow your influence and better promote playlists.


Obsolete Stats Hidden

We’ve hidden the play count on Soundsgood, because most of the streaming services do not communicate plays, even to their users. We are working hard to lock down advanced partnerships to be able to provide you with powerful stats, and, in the meantime, we record all the data we can to ensure you the best information in the future.

We recommend you to track follower counts within streaming platforms + use URL shorteners when sharing playlists via newsletters and social networks to see the amount of clicks you have on your playlist!


Improved Playlist Page

The new playlist page is getting better and better. In this version your curator name shows up next to your logo at the top left of the page. To make sure people know who the brain is behind the playlist you just made, there is now an “about me” section available at the end of the playlist page. Don’t forget to add links and relevant info in this section to fully utilize this marketing opportunity!

TIP : Head to Soundsgood, click on “My Playlists” and fill in your profile description to make this section visible at the bottom of ALL your playlists.



 Resolves issues and improved stability, see change log.


  • Feature: Added “Direct Links” section in the Playlist Editor for Apple Music, Tidal, Naspter, Google Play Music, Amazon Prime Music, Microsoft Groove.
  • Feature: Support native embedded players for Apple Music & Tidal
  • Feature: Redirect listeners to Naspter, Google Play Music, Amazon Prime Music, Microsoft Groove on the player.
  • Feature: Support Twitter Player Card
  • Feature: Support oEmbed format
  • Feature: Support Embedly platform
  • Improvement: Added Curator Info Section at the bottom of the playlist pages
  • Improvement: Added Playlist About Section at the bottom of the playlist pages
  • Improvement: Added Channel Name at the top of the playlist
  • Improvement: Channel logos are now squared
  • Improvement: New navigation system & homepage (for logged & unlogged users)
  • Improvement: Always display the “ADD TO” button with platforms’ icons slideshow
  • Improvement: Optimize track search for queries made in the US
  • Improvement: Player loading time
  • Improvement: Remove the “Get Started” modal to stream YouTube on iOS 10 devices
  • Fix: Playlist Page layout optimizations for listeners on iOS
  • Fix: Internal server errors
  • Fix: Playlist short description positioning on some devices
  • Fix: Removed deprecated play counters
  • Fix: Scroll issues in modals on mobile
  • Fix: Several bugs on iOS 8 & 9
  • Fix: Issued with Deezer player
  • Fix: Embedded Player default width should be responsive
  • Fix: Deep linking to streaming platforms apps on mobile
  • Fix: Infinite Scrolling Bug when playlist has a description