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Everything you love about Soundsgood – ten times better!

Today we are extremely happy to announce the release of Soundsgood 1.15.2 This version of Soundsgood has some game-changing features that are worthy of excitement, including the all new Soundsgood Playlist Page, a greatly enhanced Embedded Player, the addition of a new responsive layout, and a super smart modal for picking your platform of choice. Like this wouldn’t be enough, we are also making the Soundsgood player available on mobile, to further maximize your reach. We believe that these features will change the way you look at playlist curation – more efficient, user-friendly and ultimately more fun! We can’t wait for you to try it!

A New Playlist Page

We value all of our curators, big and small. For you who don’t have a website, now you do! The new page is 100% dedicated to YOUR playlist, giving it a more professional look, and reducing your competition. Like always, your audience is able to choose what platform they prefer to listen with – As simple as ever!

Immersive New Look

The new page design focuses on your playlists and making the listening experience more powerful with stunning and immersive visuals and typography. With ZERO navigation to other Soundsgood playlists, the page is yours to share. Therefore the playlist feed on Soundsgood, now opens each playlist in a separate tab rather than a cross-page player like before. It’s your time to SHINE!


Mobile Ready

The wait is over. The new version is fully responsive on mobile and tablet! Unlimited listening possibilities makes Soundsgood available anywhere to anyone! As always your listeners decide what streaming app they want to use. Don’t forget to publish your playlists across ALL platform to offer the best mobile experience and increase your following – Here’s a guide.


Flawless Listening Experience

The playlist page features all the improvements of the new Cross-Platform Streaming Technology, developed for the new embedded player. Seamlessly synchronised you get all the benefits of the update – available to all your listeners on one page.

Facebook Save Button

No one will forget about your playlist! Now we have integrated a save button for Facebook so listeners can go back and listen to that amazing playlist of yours over and over again!


Continuous Improvements

We want to know more about you, and so do your fans! The next version will include an improved Playlist Page with an “ABOUT ME” section, a cross-platform follow button, and an editorial section to share words and links around your playlist.


Enhanced Embedded Player

Advanced Customization

Head to your Playlist Page and hit “Embed” to access the brand new Embedded Player customization options. You’re the DESIGNER – Select an accent colour to fit your website design. You can hide and display elements like the playlist title for all of you who prefer designing a title directly in the playlist illustration. You can also select the format that suits you best. The Soundsgood team recommends keeping the width at 100% so that the player adapts to your website responsive layout on mobiles and tablets.


Discrete Scroll Bar

Good news for all listeners on Windows computers, just as their Apple peers, they now have a beautiful discrete scroll bar instead of the clumsy default one – giving more space for your artwork, and music to speak!


Responsive Layout Improvements

  • Current track information now stays visible on the smaller embedded player.


  • The font size stays readable on small sidebar formats


Improved PLAYWITH Modal

When new listeners discover your playlists, they now have a clearer modal for picking their favourite platform, and the option to press “I don’t know” when they don’t have a preferred platform in particular, and the player will choose the optimal service for them!


A Stronger Foundation

The improvements mentioned above are just a small part of what we worked on for this update. For the past weeks, we have been 100% focused on resolving bugs and improving features that finally made this version of Soundsgood more stable and user-friendly than ever. Thank you for all the feedback that drove our work!


  • Feature: New Playlist Page
  • Feature: Added custom scroll bar on Embedded Players for listeners on Windows.
  • Feature: Save playlist option on Facebook
  • Improvement: Still display current track info on smaller Embedded Players
  • Improvement: Improve Embedded Player’s title font size on sidebars formats
  • Improvement: Improve Embedded Players’ modals with a better appearance, scroll experience and a close icon.
  • Improvement: Larger click area on Embedded Players’ timeline
  • Improvement: Current track information stays visible on smaller Embedded Players
  • Improvement: Servers upgrade
  • Improvement: Always display platforms name on the PLAYWITH modal
  • Improvement: Adapted Playlist Feeds to new Playlist Pages
  • Fix: No more infinite loading when launching a playlist with specific conditions
  • Fix: Support all types of YouTube videos
  • Fix: Debug 1st track click area on Embedded Players
  • Fix: Debug timeline click area on Embedded Players
  • Fix: Deezer playback on Firefox
  • Fix: Various bug fixes and code improvements.