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Is Soundsgood free?

Written by Louis V.

Written by Louis V.

Updated over a week ago

Yes! Soundsgood is free. Has been free since 2014. And will remain free as it is!

You will get no limitations whatsoever while playlisting and sharing music with Soundsgood. (Please note that special rules apply for commercial brands.)

But how does Soundsgood lasts as a company then?

Well, thanks to our expertise in playlists, music influencers, music branding, music players, and streaming services APIs (the tech’ stuff), we do business with:

  • Soundsgood hardcore users requesting advanced features and custom integrations.
  • Commercial brands willing to step up their marketing with music.
  • Streaming services working on user acquisition, activation and retention.
  • Development teams in need for cross-platform streaming solutions.
  • Digital distributors outranking their competition with outstanding digital marketing tools

Even if you do not fit into these bullet points, feel free to contact us for new business ideas!