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Describing Soundsgood

Short description

Soundsgood provides the world’s first music-sharing tools for influencers.


Soundsgood unleashes music-sharing in the streaming era.

Soundsgood offers playlist distribution across all streaming services, agnostic music players and agnostic playlist stats.

Already 19.000 influencers, brands and music professionals rely on Soundsgood to share music on their website, social networks, and to their +57 million followers across Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc.

Open to all, Soundsgood is also used by the best tastemakers like Governors Ball festival, Tommy Boy, Wimbledon, Radio France, Republic Records, BETC, A-ha, Sigur Ros, Tsugi, etc…

Soundsgood model is based on a Freemium account, a Partner Program with streaming services, and custom projects with brands and music professionals.

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