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Playlist Converters Vs. Playlist Managers: What’s the Difference?

Written by Louis V.

Written by Louis V.

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes people use the words “Playlist converter” and “Playlist manager” interchangeably, but the target, purpose, approach and tools of each are different:

Target & Purpose

  • PLAYLIST CONVERTER: They target individuals who want to change their subscription from one streaming platform to another without loosing their personal playlists in the process. It’s a bit like number portability for telecom operators. E.g. Stamp ($), Soundiiz (Freemium), Playlist Converter (Freemium), etc.
  • PLAYLIST MANAGER: Soundsgood (Free) targets professionals who share their playlists publicly and need to make them available with ALL streaming platforms at once to reach ALL their listenersno matter what streaming subscription they have.

Approach & Tools

  • PLAYLIST CONVERTERS: Usually made for single-shot conversions, these platforms ask you to pick one of your playlist, and log in to the destination platform to convert it and publish it there.
  • PLAYLIST MANAGERS: Designed for day-to-day playlist updates, you manage them across all streaming platforms from a single Master playlist. With Soundsgood, you can also share a single universal player on your website and social networks and track your playlist performance with a Stats Dashboard.

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