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Soundsgood Ambassador in Brazil & Founder of the punk-rock netlabel Sinewave

We are so delighted to welcome Elson Barbosa to the Soundsgood Ambassador Community! Based in São Paulo, this music professional and aficionado will spread the word about Soundsgood so that anybody in the world can listen to the mind-blowing playlists of Brazilian DJs, artists, journalists, labels, festivals and music lovers.


1-UgBj26MtP444vnrBNrmtGwHi Elson, what’s up with music and you?

I am a netlabel owner (Sinewave — 140+ albums released since 2008), journalist-wannabe (I interviewed Steve Albini personally and Kurt Vile by phone for a local music site, two great guys), podcast producer and presenter (O Resto É Ruído — several local musicians, journalists, bloggers and producers were featured), festival-goer (just been to Primavera in Barcelona — Swans and Sunn O were absolutely mindblowing), constant reader (books [now reading Lou Reed’s biography], magazines [New Noise, Rock-a-Rolla, Rolling Stone, Mojo, Uncut] and websites [The Quietus, Stereogum, Consequence of Sound]), and about to premiere my webradio show in a couple of weeks — it will be called Noisenik, and the profile of the show will be very similar to New Noise and Rock-a-Rolla magazines.

“My band opened for The Cure in front of 40.000 people and we met Robert Smith personally — such a nice guy.”

And also I am a musician myself — my band opened for The Cure in front of 40.000 people and we met Robert Smith personally — such a nice guy. Sorry for the huge wall of text, but to reduce my experience in music in one word — an aficionado.

What about Soundsgood in Brazil?

We don’t have a similar playlist service in Brazil, I believe Soundsgood could make some noise around here. I will spread the word to local medias and music enthusiasts I know — music magazines, sites, journalists, bloggers, artists, label owners, producers.

A secret place to find music? — my netlabel 🙂 Here’s a Soundsgood playlist to discover some of our 2015 releases :

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