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Is Soundsgood for me?

Written by Louis V.

Written by Louis V.

Updated over a week ago


What is Soundsgood?

Soundsgood is more than a playlist converter… Soundsgood is the world’s leading playlisting management platform for influencers and professionals.

What can I do with Soundsgood?

Soundsgood works as a central hub to reach all your audiences scattered across streaming platforms:

  • MANAGE PLAYLISTS: Create playlists and sync your updates instantly across all your streaming profiles.
  • SHARE PLAYLISTS: Reach all your fans on your website and social networks with a universal player that anyone can stream no matter what streaming platform they use.
  • MONITOR ENGAGEMENT: Analyze your playlists performances and watch your follower base grow across streaming platforms.

Who uses Soundsgood?

Soundsgood is perfect for those who share playlists to their audiences. Thousands of playlist curators already use Soundsgood:

  • MEDIA EDITORS: They curate editorial and branding playlists to extend their range of content. They are Lifestyle Magazines, Music Blogs, Venues, Festivals, TV Shows, etc.
  • INDIVIDUAL INFLUENCERS: They inspire their fans with weekly playlists around their universe. They are Fashion Bloggers, Artistic Directors, Footballers, Gaming YouTubers, Instagramers, Music Fans, etc.
  • MUSIC PROFESSIONALS: They promote artists within thematic playlists updated on a weekly basis. They are Record Labels, Music Majors, Radios, DJs, Artists and Music Agencies.
  • BRANDS: They develop branded special operations with music. They are Brand Managers, Community Managers, Ad Agencies, etc.

What sets Soundsgood apart?

Unlike a mix of tools to convert playlists, or to share music, Soundsgood brings everything you need to develop impactful playlist strategies in one simple, integrated platform that easy for everyone in your business to use.

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