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Today we are extremely happy to announce the release of Soundsgood’s brand new embedded player. Some game-changing features ahead including a cleaner design, better customization settings, faster loading time and a stronger cross-platform experience for your listeners. Let’s dig in!

Cleaner. Better. Faster. Stronger.


Your listeners will love this brand new look! Cleaner, more immersive, with a clear focus on engagement to increase plays and followers.


Create a unique style to fit your website design. Pick your custom color. Select the best format. And more options to make this player your own.


Faster to load, this new player also comes with enhanced performances even during high traffic spikes on your website.


The cross-platform listening experience has been simplified, even for listeners on mobile. Less technical noise, more music!

Try it out live on these websites from the community.

From media outlets embedding a single playlist in their articles to influencers creating whole music sections for their visitors, Soundsgood is the best and only way to share universal playlists and engage your audiences with music.

Treasure Island

California-based Treasure Island Music Festival feature its artist line-up with an embedded playlist.


A whole music section powered by Soundsgood on the lifestyle website My Little Paris.

How to get your own player?

If you had already shared playlists on your website, good news, they all have been upgraded with the new player. You can check it out on your website and adjust the code to get your own custom color and other customization options. For others:

  1. Log in on Soundsgood and go to your curator channel.
  2. Create a playlist or import it from Deezer, Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud.
  3. Publish it across your official channels on Deezer, Spotify, YouTube & SoundCloud.
  4. Customize your player size and color and paste the html code in your website.