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How to sync my playlists to Apple Music?

Written by Louis V.

Written by Louis V.

Updated over a week ago

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From Soundsgood, you can already sync your playlists instantly on Spotify, YouTube, Deezer and SoundCloud. We’ve just launched a world exclusive feature with Apple Music now! Request your invite on this page.

Push your playlists to Apple Music

On the Soundsgood Playlist Editor, activate Publish on Apple Music.

Soundsgood automatically looks for each track on Apple Music.

You can manually increase the playlist compatibility by click the sea-green (+) button on the tracks which have not been found automatically on Apple Music.

When you’re ready, hit Publish. That’s all!

Your playlist is now available and updated across all your streaming profiles including Apple Music.

And of course, you can promote it with our single universal player on your website, newsletters and social networks.

Pre-release additional steps

In this Apple Music Playlist Sync pre-release, there are still a few steps to go. They will be completely automated in the next few weeks, but trust us, you have already saved hours of work within Itunes!

On the Soundsgood Playlist Editor, click the See on Apple Music icon.

You’ll arrive on your playlist, published on a private Soundsgood account.
(Note: your tracklist might not be up to date in Apple Music, but don’t worry, it’s just iTunes which has not updated its cache yet, you can still proceed to the next steps).

Click + ADD to save the playlist in your Library.

Click on Library to go to your Itunes Library.

Go to the Soundsgood private playlist under Apple Music playlist.

(Note: If the tracklist is still not up to date there, click File, Library, Update iCloud Music Library and wait a few minutes until the new tracklist shows).

Click on the (…) button, then Add to playlist

  • If your playlist does not exist yet in Apple Music, select New Playlist. A new playlist will be created with your tracklist. Customize the playlist title and picture. (And push it to your Apple Music profile if you are an official Curator).

  • If your playlist was already in Apple Music, select it in the (…) dropbox (make sure you’ve deleted all tracks from the official playlist before doing so, this way your playlist will be perfectly up to date with the new tracklist).

Stay tuned, these steps will soon be automated (you’ll get a New Release email).

Pro tip: If you share the Soundsgood player for the first time, make sure you’ve filled the Direct Link to Apple Music field in the Soundsgood Playlist Editor:

This way, listeners will be able to stream and save your official playlists in Apple Music, not the Soundsgood unlisted one.


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