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How to sync my playlists to Apple Music?

Written by Louis V.

Written by Louis V.

Updated over a week ago

1. Activate “Publish on Apple Music” in Soundsgood

In the Soundsgood Playlist Editor, activate Publish on Apple Music.

When your playlist is ready, hit Publish. That’s it!

Your playlist is now available across all streaming services including Apple Music. Your playlist updates are also sync-ed everywhere. And of course, your listeners can pick Apple Music when you share our single universal player on your website, newsletters and social networks.


2. (Optional) Sync on your own Apple Music profile

For now, Soundsgood syncs your playlist to a neutral Apple Music profile, a good thing if you don’t have a paid profile (yet)!

If you have your own Apple Music profile, follow these extra steps to mirror your Soundsgood Apple Music playlist onto your profile. These extra steps will soon be automated on Soundsgood.

In short, we will open the neutral playlist in Itunes, and copy/paste the tracklist to your official playlist, that’s it!

Click See on Apple Music in the Soundsgood Playlist Editor.

You will land on your “unofficial” playlist in Apple Music. 

Click ADD to save the playlist in your Library.

Click on Library and find your unofficial playlist under Apple Music Playlists.

Select all tracks by pressing Cmd+A (or Ctrl+A on Windows).

Hold down the Control key on you keyboard while you click on a selected track (or right clic on Windows) then Add to playlist

  • Select New Playlist to create a new official playlist that you can push to your Apple Music profile.
  • Or select your existing official playlist in the dropdown menu. You can then Delete the old tracks from your official Apple Music playlist.

If you share the Soundsgood player for the first time, make sure you’ve filled the Direct Link to Apple Music field in the Soundsgood Playlist Editor. WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL.

3. How to increase playlist compatibility with Apple Music?

Soundsgood automatically looks for each track on Apple Music, but you can manually increase the playlist compatibility by click the sea-green (+) button on the tracks which have not been found automatically on Apple Music.

When you are done, click Sync at the top-right of the screen to push your update to your Soundsgood Apple Music playlist.

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