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How to sync my playlist updates from Spotify, not Soundsgood?

Written by Louis V.

Written by Louis V.

Updated over a week ago

Updating your playlists a lot?

Soundsgood works best if you go edit your playlist on Soundsgood, and add new tracks using our cross-platform search engine. Your tracks get added instantly across all your streaming profiles.

Use Spotify as a Master playlist

If you still want to update your playlists from Spotify, you can do so following the next steps:

  • Copy the updated Spotify playlist URL
  • Go to Soundsgood
  • Click on the Pen button to edit your outdated playlist
  • DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING apart from the Import Tracklist button at the bottom of the tracklist
  • Paste the updated Spotify playlist URL and Import.
  • Soundsgood will replace the old tracklist with the new one and push the update across all streaming platforms.
  • Share the updated Soundsgood player on your website and social networks

Note: Soundsgood will also push the update to Spotify, just changing the Added Track Date in your original Spotify playlist.