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Manage your first playlist across streaming platforms

Written by Louis V.

Written by Louis V.

Updated over a week ago


Follow these 3 steps to get started with Soundsgood!

1. Create (or import) your first playlist

Click on New Playlist to reach the Playlist Editor.

Click on Add track to start curating your playlist from scratch or click Import Tracklist to use an existing one from Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, etc.

Pro Tip: Soundsgood automatically looks for each track sources across streaming platforms.Click on the sea-green (+) button to manually increase their compatibility.

Pick an intriguing playlist title and a catchy description to stand out from the crowd.

2. Make your playlist available everywhere

When you are happy with your playlist, head to the Publish on section and set your publishing preferences for each streaming profile:

  • To create a new playlist on your streaming profile: activate the toggle and follow the instructions to connect an official streaming profile where your new playlist will be published.
  • To link an existing playlist on your streaming profile: click the Parameter icon to link it and keep all your followers! In the blank field, paste the original playlist ID (the string of numbers in the playlist URL) and click on the Checkmark to save it.

When you are done, hit PUBLISH at the top-right of the Playlist Editor. Check the result on streaming platforms or head to the next section “How to share my playlists? (Soon)”

Pro Tip: The more streaming profiles you connect, the more people you’ll reach. Check these direct sign-up links if needed: Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Music ($) & more.

3. Update your playlist easily

You can come back any other day on Soundsgood to update your playlist with fresh new tracks. Your updates are instantly saved across your streaming profiles! That’s it.

Pro Tips: If you update your playlist directly within streaming platforms, the changes will not be synchronized eveywhere. You need to come back to Soundsgood, do the updates there, or use Spotify as a master if you prefer.