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How to playlist on Artist profiles?

Written by Louis V.

Written by Louis V.

Updated over a week ago

While playlisting as an Artist, you get an extra step:

  1. First, sync the playlist from Soundsgood to your regular streaming account
  2. Then, feature the playlist on each streaming service Artist Profile.

That’s it! 👍

⬛ On Spotify

If your Artist account is verified, you can pin your playlist from your Spotify account to your Spotify artist profile.

👉 Go to your Spotify account (the one linked to Soundsgood) and copy the playlist Spotify link.

👉Then go to your artist profile (, click on “choose a playlist…” and paste the playlist link.

Your playlist will be now featured on both your Spotify Account and Spotify Artist Profile.

When this is done, you can freely update your playlist from Soundsgood and reflect the changes automatically on both your Spotify Account and Spotify Artist Profile.

⬛ On Apple Music

On Apple Music, Soundsgood can only sync regular user playlists.

👉 Drag and drop the regular playlist’s tracklist onto the official playlist following this short video tutorial.

You have to repeat this step at each playlist update unfortunately. We hope Apple Music will upgrade their system soon!

⬛ On Deezer

On Deezer, only your record label can request access to your Artist Profile.

👉 Copy your Deezer playlist link and ask your label to feature it on your Deezer artist profile.

Same as for Spotify, updating the playlist from Soundsgood will update both the user and the official playlist.

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