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Fast-track to an Efficient Playlist Strategy

by Miranda L.

Here are 3 tips on how to simply integrate a playlist into your strategy, using only 15 min a week.

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1. Focus on ONE weekly playlist to update for 15 min

Idea: Create just one playlist with an engaging concept, and update it once a week (2–3 tracks), it doesn’t have to take more than 15 min! In total, a minimum of 12 tracks per playlist is recommended.

Benefit: Compile all plays on a single impactful playlist, and save hours of work, instead of scattering your followers on a number of different playlists.

2. Make the playlists accessible to generate plays with ZERO effort

Idea: Create a designated place for playlists on your website, such as a menu category or sidebar. This way your audience can easily navigate to your music at all times, even when it’s not included in a post.

Benefit: Generate plays and followers with zero effort.

3. BOOST your reach using smart tools

Idea: With a number of competing streaming services, you would exclude a big part of your audience only using one service for playlists. Make Soundsgood your go-to music tool to simply push your playlist across all popular platforms.

Benefit: Anyone can listen to your playlist, with whatever platform they want = A win-win situation.

Playlists bring FREE qualitative content to your audience without consuming all your time or money! Identify the person in your team who will make the playlists, and we will provide further tips and guides (see below) or subscribe to our Newsletter to get you started!

Miranda L.

Miranda L.

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