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Facebook Page: How to create a Facebook Tab with my playlist?

Written by Louis V.

Written by Louis V.

Updated over a week ago

Let’s create a Facebook Tab featuring your playlist on your official Facebook page!

Wanna see how it looks first? Check the official Soundsgood tab right here.

Oh, yes, you can say it : “Facebook tabs are NOT the future”. As a matter of fact, Facebook tabs engagement is down 53% since the launch of the new Facebook TimeLine, and they are hidden on smartphones… but still! If it takes just a few minutes to feature your playlist on your page, why not?


First, visit this Facebook App generator and click Add Static HTML to a Page.

On the next screen, select your official Facebook Page and click Add Page Tab:

It will create a new tab called “Welcome” and filled with just a smiley on your Facebook Page (followers don’t get notified, don’t worry ^^). Here is how it looks for you as an administrator:

Click Set up tab and fill the HTML field editor with your Soundsgood playlist Embedded Code.

In this exemple, we’ve added a Facebook grey background behind the Soundsgood player to make sure it looks simple and pure:

<body style=”background-color: #e9ebee;”>
<iframe height=”480″ width=”100%” src=”” frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Then, click on Actions Edit name and image.

Click Save tab name. Then click Save & Publish.

You can now go back to your Facebook Page and try your new tab ♪♫

Share your Facebook tab link here in the comments!