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The Best Way to Embed Playlists on Your Website.
85% of your fans can’t stream your playlists when you share them with just one streaming platform.
embed playlists THAT anyone can STREAM
Soundsgood allows your visitors to listen to your playlist along with their favorite platform.

Their preference is memorized for all your next playlists and updates.

convert listeners into followers
Listeners can click “Add to” to follow your playlist on their favourite platform and get notified of your next update.
CustomizE your Player
Pick an inspiring picture, select the best format, set a custom color… Create a unique style to fit your website design.
PerfectED mobile experience
Fully-responsive, the player invites listeners to open your playlist straight in their favorite music app.

Trusted by the best influencers

Join a growing community of +9,000 influencers (publishers, brands, music professionals) sharing playlists with Soundsgood.

Live embeds

National radio FRANCE INTER embedded the playlist on their website and announce updates on social networks.

BUDDHA BAR added a "Music" tab in their website header to make sure all their visitors can discover and follow their renowned playlists (BUDDHA BAR MASTERPIECES)

Check out this whole music section with various playlists on lifestyle magazine MY LITTLE PARIS.

How to get your own player?


Register or log in on Soundsgood (it's free).


Create a playlist or import it from another platform.


Publish it instantly across your channels on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube & more.


Customize your player size and visual identity and copy / paste the embed code in your website editor.