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You can add a Soundsgood cross-platform playlist to a website or blog by embedding it.
On your playlist page you have the options to “Share” and “Embed”. Let’s start by exploring the embed function. 

1. Embed your player

Click Embed on your Playlist Page

Copy the HTML code.

Paste the code into your blog or website HTML.

2. Customize your player

The embedded player allows you to customize both size and color. Change size after clicking “Embed” in the dropdown menu (or manually in the code), and simply add a custom color code like this deep pink “EF3460“.

You can also decide whether you want the Playlist Title or Profile Picture to be featured on the player by checking the boxes in the “Embed” window. 

3. Share on Social Media 

You can directly share your playlist to your fans on your Social Media Channels, this is great if you want to optimize your reach and gain followers!

Click “Share” on your Playlist and the pop-up window will display a direct link providing the same cross-platform experience like the embedded player. You can also fast-track the process by sharing your playlists directly on Facebook or Twitter by clicking on the respective Logos.

Psst. Here are tips on how to promote your playlists on your media channels


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