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Curator Guide

on Soundsgood

Set up your channel

The first step to get started is to create your very own channel. This channel will be the home of your playlist, and the place where you can organize your creations. If you haven’t got a channel yet, click on create a playlist here!

1. Find a Name

Choose a curator name to get started. This is the first step of your onboarding and it will pop-up automatically for you to fill in.

2. Choose a Profile Picture

Start by filling in the short bio section on your landing page, this information will be displayed together with your playlists. 

3. Write a Description

Now click on the empty photo on your homepage to add a photo. The photo will then be shown in the playlist for your audience.

4. Synch Streaming Accounts

Link all your music streaming services to your Soundsgood account, to make your playlists available across all platforms, so that your whole audience can be reached, as well as having the option to choose their favourite platform to listen with.
Connect platforms by clicking on “manage links”. 

If you haven’t got accounts click on the Streaming services below for direct sign-up links: YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Napster, Tidal, Google Play Music, Microsoft Groove. What about Amazon Music?


Now that you have a killer channel it’s time for you to publish your first playlist!

Pro Tips:

Add a Channel

If you already have a channel and want to create a new one, hover the mouse on your profile picture in the navbar and click on Create a Channel in the drop-down menu. You can simply manage all your channels in the drop-down menu.

Add Administrators to my Channel

You can add administrators to a curator channel. For now, send us an email at containing the emails or Facebook accounts linked to the other administrators Soundsgood accounts and we will do it for you!



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