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New release

Boost your Soundsgood Playlists with Apple Music

by Louis V.

After a year working with Apple, we’re excited to announce that your audiences on Apple Music can now enjoy your playlists! From Soundsgood, you can sync your playlists to Apple Music in addition to Spotify, YouTube, Deezer and SoundCloud.

This long-awaited new feature, a world exclusive on desktops, allows your playlists to reach new audiences within Apple Music AND whenever you share our Universal Player on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Extend your Playlisting flow to Apple Music

1. In Soundsgood, add tracks to your playlist as usual, and check the ones that have not been matched on Apple Music.


2. Activate “Publish on Apple Music” to mirror your playlist on the streaming service.



3. Share your Soundsgood Universal Player everywhere, now featuring Apple Music alongside with Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, etc!



(Optional) Mirror playlists on your own Apple Music profile

For now, Soundsgood syncs your playlist to a neutral Apple Music profile, a good thing if you don’t have a paid profile (yet)!

To sync on your official Apple Music profile, wait for our next release or follow these manual steps to make the playlist available there (See section 2).

We are currently gathering optimization feedback for the Apple Music tech team. Please comment on this doc with your improvement ideas.

Other new stuff on Soundsgood

1. Import playlist from Apple Music

You can now import Apple Music playlists into Soundsgood to make them universal with Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, etc.


2. Add new tracks at the top of your playlists

Professional playlist curators tend to update playlists rather than creating new ones every week.

For them, we have added a “Add track to the top” button to make sure listeners will never miss your newly featured music.



What’s next? 🔮

We have plenty of cool new features in the box, but are also re-thinking our existing features to make them better and more powerful. There is also an ongoing task force working on a future Premium account with professional enhancements to the service.

Thanks a lot for your continuous emails and chat conversations suggesting where Soundsgood should be headed, we could not do that without you! Clap clap! 👏😊


Louis for Soundsgood



  • New feature: Sync playlist to Apple Music
  • New feature: Import playlist from iTunes / Apple Music
  • Improvement: Better track matching system with Apple Music
  • Improvement: Redirect listeners to “Open in Apple Music” landing page instead of unstable iTunes deep link
  • Improvement: New “Add track” button at the top of the tracklist
  • Fixed bug: Removed “Insert track” which caused issues for some Chrome users which could not edit the tracklist