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Automate your playlists updates across streaming services.

Written by Louis V.

Written by Louis V.

Updated over a week ago

As you well know, updating your most-followed playlists is key to keep your listeners engaged and gain new followers. With Soundsgood “Auto Sync” option, you can automate your updates easily from any “master” streaming service.

How does it work?

Auto Sync checks everyday if your playlist has been updated in your main streaming service, and syncs the changes everywhere else. No need to actually go on Soundsgood, edit your playlist, and click Sync anymore. You can just focus on discovering new music, we will take care of the rest!

You can activate Auto Sync in your playlist editor, under Advanced Settings:

You can then chose from which streaming service you would like your playlist to be automatically synced, twice a day.

TIP | Click Run Now to request an instant update from Spotify▾(or any streaming service).