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Suggested optimizations for smoother playlisting with Apple Music API.


We are gathering all the feedback we can for our contacts at Apple Music. Feel free to coment below with your own ideas. Our common goal: make playlisting with Apple Music even better!

Here is what we have come up so far (will be updated with your comments below):

1. Allow playlist sync on everyone’s own Apple Music account

As a matter of fact, we are already working on it with Apple Music!

Meanwhile, if you have a paid Apple Music profile of your own, here are a few optional extra steps to make the playlist available there (See section 2).

2. Display new tracks instantly in Apple Music

It takes up to 15 minutes, after the playlist has been successfully synced for Apple Music to display your newly playlisted tracks.

Even if the update is eventually consistent, it is not very convenient when you want to check if everything is okay on each streaming service.

3. Faster playlist creation and update

Today, it takes up to 3 minutes to create or update a 50 tracks playlist in Apple Music when it is only seconds with our Spotify or Deezer technology.