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Unleash your playlists.

What it’s all about.

Soundsgood unleashes the power of playlists across all music platforms with an innovative curation service for influencers. Everyday Soundsgood helps them reach new audiences and share their passion of music with universal playlists that anyone can listen to.

Our vision.

Empowering the music influencers.

A growing 68%* of listeners rely on playlists to enjoy music online. DJs and radios share their tracklists, venues and festivals announce their lineup, journalists dig new tunes or forgotten anthems, fashion bloggers reveal their lazy morning selections, and even brands start to inspire their fans with playlists. But when they publish playlists on one of the dozen music platforms, influencers exclude all their listeners who subscribed elsewhere.

Soundsgood takes the mission to make influencers’ playlists universal:We believe that influencers are the key to a successful music ecosystem,” says Josquin Farge, co-founder and CEO at Soundsgood. “They guide our music discovery, they break new artists, they make streaming better and worth paying for. For them, we partner with all music platforms to streamline playlist curation, provide a universal access to their playlists and grow their influence.

Launched in France in November 2014 and accelerated by NUMA, Soundsgood is already used by 11,000+ leading influencers in local culture and music. Now offering its service worldwide Soundsgood thrives to become the one stop shop for music influencers to grow their audience and spread the good sound.

* MIDia Research, June 2015, as reported by Marc Hogan’s on Pitchfork

Our service.

Introducing Soundsgood for influencers:

Grow your playlists across all music platforms. Your playlists get published automatically across all your channels of audience on Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, etc.

Share a single player on your website and social networks. Embed and elegant universal playlist that anyone can stream and save with their own streaming account.

 Monitor the impact of your playlists on your audience with an insightful dashboard soon to be released.


And more: Got new tunes to share? Add new tracks, reorder them, change your playlist title, all those changes are instantly synchronized everywhere. Connect your playlists to new audiences with upcoming partnerships with Rhapsody/Napster, Bandcamp, Audiomack, Anghami, etc. Stay tuned, it’s just getting started!

Meet the team.

Our team share diverse backgrounds from Warner Music to Accenture and BETC / Havas Worldwide. We gave several speeches about curation in international music conferences : Hifa (Harare, Zimbabwe), MidemLab Finalist (Cannes, France), Bime Pro Winner (Bilbao, Spain), Radio 2.0 (Paris, France) or Music 4.5 (New York, USA).

Nicolas Dupont

Nicolas Dupont

Fullstack Javascript Engineer

Jennifer Bouissou

Jennifer Bouissou

Key Account Manager

Ugo Castellazzi

Ugo Castellazzi

Acquisition Manager

Josquin Farge

Josquin Farge

CEO & Co-founder

David Billamboz

David Billamboz

CTO & Co-founder

Louis Viallet

Louis Viallet

CMO & Co-founder

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