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3 Takeaways from the amazon music launch

by Miranda L.

“The addition of Amazon Music, and the likely conversion of more streaming users, sets the tone for a long-term fragmentation of the streaming industry”

Another day in paradise for music curators whose audience just got more fragmented. The industry is buzzing as Amazon just launched their new music streaming platform, only a few days after Pandora changed its logo, anticipating their Rdio facelift. The game changing spectrum of Amazon Music Unlimited is it’s very competitive price, with a starting price of 9.99 for new users, 7.99 for prime users, and 4.99 for Amazon Echo users. As record labels have refused to lower licensing costs, the $9.99 price tag have been the “fixed” streaming price, but with Amazon Prime holding onto a 63 Million user base, the price difference might trigger a price war between the platforms.

Here Are 3 Takeaways From a Curators Perspective:

Amazon invites a new audience to online streaming

In spite of a very intriguing price, statistics conclude that people switch streaming services at most every 2 years. This would be problematic if Amazon solely relied on acquiring existing streaming users, however they hold the biggest market share of “CD buyers” and with the competitive pricing, and possibility to save already purchased albums to streamable playlists, Amazon Music might be a game changer. With a new (Old-School) audience to please, curators are in for a challenge. 

What does this mean to curators?

The addition of Amazon Music, and the likely conversion of more streaming users, sets the tone for a long-term fragmentation of the streaming industry. It gets increasingly difficult for curators to guide their listeners in music discovery. Therefore, tools like Soundsgood can be the weapon influencers need to face the rocky terrain of listeners scattered across services, moving from one subscription to another following the countless promotions and exclusivities offered by platforms. 

Convert your playlists to Amazon Music

At this point, we advise you to not waste your time as private playlists are NOT shareable, and It’s still not clear whether they will be. However we’ve reached out to Amazon and are awaiting a response:


EDIT: We’ve got an answer!

Just as for Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and Deezer, Soundsgood will support Amazon automatic playlist publishing and universal player as soon as an official API will be released.


Soundsgood lets you share playlists across all platforms just create free accounts on the respective platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube etc.) and in a few clicks – we bridge the gaps between the platforms, making your music available everywhere. Share the player on your website or social media channels and let your audience decide with what service they want to listen with. Sign up here: and join our fight to democratize music!


Miranda L.

Miranda L.

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